Kaos, Void, Night, Day, Sun,
Moon, Fire, Water, Sky and Earth
Befriend these
& POWER will surely be YOURS



The foundation, content and framework of my methodology is based upon ‘channelled’ and experiential knowledge,
individual minutes, hours and days of education invested in me by tens of predominantly female teachers

Decades of reading mostly (female) (mostly) feminist authors and writers;
humanistic astrology e.g. Liz Greene, Steven Aroyyo, Robert Hand.

Speculative fiction (Urlsula K LeGuin, Octavia Butler)
(Feminist) academics; Maria Gimbutas, Merlin Stone, Riane Eisler, Barbara Walker.
I have read a few of Judith Butlers books but I agree with little she says, few of her premises, less of her conclusions.

Health system manuals; TCM, Ayurveda, Herbalism, aromatherapy

Popular psychology; Assagioli, Pinkola-Estes, Shinoda-Bolen,

The works of Augusto Boal, Kahil Gibran, Bertholt Brecht

In addition to reading; teachings, cultural norms and ‘taboes’ from local and Indigenous cultures on all 5 continents,
Nichiren Buddhism, Psychology of Vision, Theta Healing and many other individual less famed/publicised modalities.

While I can picture or hear many of my teachers, I have forgotten most of their names, if I knew them!

Marguerite Baudalec I would love to be able to find and work with again.

My greatest teacher, even more so than history has been the Patriarchy because
it denied and so forced me to learn to find ways to create and negotiate enough space to forge many happy,
supportive relationships


…During the windrush years of late 20th century British colonialism Adrienne moved to the UK.
Her eldest daughter moved to the U.S. She saved and in time brought her youngest daughter to the UK with her.

In the South West of England she acquired two granddaughters,
the youngest was gifted with the name of her dearly,
departed child and also inherited her grandmothers connection with making and the ’other worldly’ talent.

Today that granddaughter lives in the NL.
Under the pseudonym Maxi McNaughty she works as an aroma and mind/body/spirit therapist/healer,
making by hand (Magisteriale bereiding – link) most of the preparations that she uses in her treatments.

The chemist’s trade originated from the pursuit of alchemy,
the strive to create gold from base metals. The gold Maxi seeks to create is he