Life Support System

The Life Support system shows you how to shape your life to function at it’s highest and best for you using essential oils.

With essential oils you can define the atmosphere you want to live work, play or create in. Their effect is emotional, mental, spiritual and physical.

There are various systems to classify human personality. The AromaGenera® system makes it easier to choose the right single or blend of essential oils for you personally from the over 300 different pure essential oils available.

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to steer and guide emotions, meditate, increase memory, induce calm, concentration, joy, a sense of peace, curb anxiety, reduce stress, discomfort, improve mood and functioning.

There are numerous scientific studies, the most sceptical will admit that EO are promising. 100% pure essential oils from plants have no side effects. They must however be used with knowledge, caution and care.

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the brain. The brain is 2% of our body weight yet, it gets 15% of the blood supply!

Essential oils get into the bloodstream through the skin, capillaries at the top of the nose, the mucous membranes of the mouth, vagina or anus, respiratory tract and the digestive system. They (appear to) affect the working of enzymes and are basically effectors causing stimulation of the body(’s healing mechanisms.

They enter the body through massage, inhalation, orally (under strict supervision), with a sitz bath, pessary or suppository. They leave in exhaled air, perspiration, urine and faeces.

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