Wheel of the Year

There are many ways and reasons to celebrate life; some are ancient, some need (re)creating.
Hand Fastings – Celebrating the Wheel of the Year – The Journeying Cycle – Blessings (babies, children, homes)
Rites of Passage: Welcoming Womanhood/Magnificent menarche, Menstruation Celebration, Manifesting motherhood, Welcoming the Crone
Maxi has studied, practised and been trained in Dianic, Wiccan, European (neo)pagan and indigenous traditions in Europe, Turtle Island, Kooriland and Aotearoa. She studied for more than 10 years under Lucienne Raphael in learning, carrying, holding, guiding and creating wombyn/Goddess/EaRtH centred ritual
Maxi McNaughty the magical, alter ego manifestation of HSL celebrates hand fastings, trothings and female rites of passage. Ceremonies to counter the degredation of sexuality, fear and misogyny.
These gathering rituals bring joy to aligned women, loving men and present girls; young, older, pregnant women and mothers. Insights, positive views, support and tools for the different life phases and responsiblities our changing bodies bring

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