Chanting/singing is a core of many types of practices. People who sing together share joy together. It’s called sharing voice because it is more important to share the sound, quality and timbre of your voice than it is to sing in tune or time. There are no tuned instruments in these sessions so you can’t actually BE out of tune as all human voices naturally harmonise (eventually!!). In the West singing and the practise of music has become elitist, they are things you ‘need to train to do’. In most of the world people just sing, just for the joy of it. When one person sings, someone else will, almost automatically, join in. Being flat or sharp is not an issue.
Singing is known in most of the world to be an experience beneficial to the whole community. Most of us in the West know and regard it as a commercial experience/exchange. You pay someone and they ‘teach you’ to sing or ‘allow you’ into their choir or you pay to go and watch a ‘professional’.
Unity or Unanimity (unity through ‘amity’/friendship) is about connection, with oneself, one voice, the other voices, (to the experience of) ‘being human’ and mostly it is about joy. The joy that the use of the voice (with the voices of others) brings. The emotion of joy that manifests in sound.
While unity chanting also has a cost it is set to a donation minimum (in most cases) to allow access to all.

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